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Full or Partial Dentures


Dentures can be an affordable option to replace missing teeth. Dentures have a long track record of success and are still a viable option for rebuilding your smile.

Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth. Full dentures are used when a person is missing all their natural teeth, while partial dentures replace only a few missing teeth here or there to eliminate gaps and improve chewing. Denture treatment is customized specifically to each patient, and our doctors can help you decide which option works best for you.

Full Dentures (Conventional And Implant-Supported)

Sometimes, gum disease or tooth decay can become too severe to manage. Sometimes, this can lead to the need to have your remaining teeth removed from one or both of your arches. Full dentures can be an efficient and economical way to restore function and your smile.

A Full denture comprises an acrylic base with a thin gum-coloured gum colour on the gum tissue. The base can be made of porcelain or acrylic to give the appearance of natural teeth. Our doctors are familiar with your unique smile and can help you choose the best teeth for you. You can also customize your smile, whether you are looking for a new look or re-creating the one you have.

Dentures have a long history and are still very popular. However, modern technology has many options that can improve the fit and appearance of dentures. Implants placed in the jaw can make dentures more secure. Implant-supported dentures are more durable and retain better than traditional dentures. You can discuss these options with your doctor to help you better understand how they can enhance your denture experience.

Partial Dentures

No matter how many teeth you have lost, it can make it more difficult to chew and smile. Partial dentures can be an economical way to replace missing teeth, fill the gaps, increase chewing ability, restore confidence, and bring back your smile. Partial dentures will prevent your natural teeth from shifting and lower the chance of them becoming lost in the future.

Partial dentures are made of thin metal frames that wrap around existing teeth. It gives the dentures a non-bulky, smooth feel. Your natural teeth support the framework, making it easy to remove and use. Natural-looking replacement teeth can be attached to the framework. Gum-coloured acrylic is used for covering the metal. Our doctors will work with skilled technicians to find a solution that suits your unique needs.

With advances in technology, implants can also be used to support removable partial dentures, improving the fit while reducing the bulkiness of the appliance. Dentures inherently bring some challenges, especially to new wearers. Our goal is to minimize the everyday frustrations and keep you as comfortable as possible.

We look forward to discussing your options to make your mouth full again and to give you back a confident, glowing smile!


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