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What are dental Sealants?

The tops of the back teeth are more likely to accumulate bacteria and plaque than any other area in the mouth. It makes them more vulnerable to developing cavities. As a part of the preventive dentistry routine, dental sealants can protect the teeth against decay. These protective covers are made from a milky-colored or transparent liquid applied to the back teeth’ occlusive surface. Dental sealants protect your teeth and make them easier to clean. Our team can check for decay and help reduce the need for future fillings and other corrective procedures. Ask a member of our team to discuss how sealants can benefit your family during your two-yearly dental visits at our dental office.

Who are applicable for Dental Sealants?

Patients aged 6-12 years are most at risk for developing decay on their permanent molars’ chewing surfaces. It makes them good candidates for dental sealing. Dental sealants may be an option for older patients, such as those who have difficulty maintaining good oral hygiene habits or are more susceptible to tooth decay. Dental Magik makes it easy to apply dental sealants. Most cases don’t require sedation. We would love to meet you and your child to discuss whether dental sealants might be a good choice.

Process for Dental Sealants in our Office

Our skilled dentist will first examine your teeth to determine if dental sealants are the best option for you or your child. Our staff will then clean the enamel and remove any food particles and bacteria from the tops. After the enamel has dried, a thin layer of sealant material is applied to the rifts using a small brush. In 10 to 20 seconds, a curing light will be applied to the tooth. It strengthens the sealant casting. After each sealant has been placed, our experts will inspect your chewing surfaces and provide you with instructions on caring for them.

How do I take care after having a Dental Sealants?

After the sealant has been applied, you can resume your routine. To prevent the sealants from chipping, you will need to avoid sticky and hard foods for the next few days. A good dental hygiene routine includes flossing twice daily and brushing your teeth at least once a day. Your dental sealants will last for many years if they are correctly maintained. If your child received the sealants, the exact instructions would apply. Our East Brunswick, NJ staff, will evaluate the sealants and inform you when they should replace them.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Sealants or not?

Dental sealants are used primarily as preventive services. Many insurance policies will cover them up to a certain age for children and adolescents. Teens and adults over 20 are typically covered differently. We will evaluate your situation, call your insurance company if needed, and estimate any out-of-pocket costs. Dental Magik wants to make good oral health more affordable, so we accept various payment options to make it easier for you and your family to afford.

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