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Providing Teenagers Dentistry

Teenagers face additional challenges when it comes to dental health. It is not surprising for most parents. These formative years can bring about a dizzying array of changes, and parents may experience some frustrations.

Teens are more attentive than we realize. Parents who nag their children can make a huge difference in their child’s dental health. Although it may seem like you’re riding your teen, they will soon get the message. Encouragement is key to helping your teen avoid long-term gum inflammation and cavities.
We offer preventive visits once every six months to help your teen. Sometimes, the relationship we build in a friendly and professional setting is incredibly beneficial.

Tips for home efforts that protect your teen's dental health

  • Avoid energy drinks and sodas.
  • Sugary, carbonated drinks are the number one cause of tooth decay in adolescents. The majority of 20-ounce soda bottles contain just 18 teaspoons of sugar and a high level of acid. This combination can have devastating effects on your child’s teeth and overall health.
  • Encourage brushing before bedtime.
  • The hours spent sleeping can be especially harmful as the mouth dries out and bacteria flourishes.
  • Explain the dangers of sharing toothbrushes.
  • Bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities can quickly transfer from one person to another.
  • Slip dental floss or a toothpick in with their lunch or backpack.


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